We work hard to ensure our clients are not only satisfied but that their expectations are surpassed. We truly VALUE the client-experience with Stevens Insulation Services, and we appreciate the time our clients have taken to offer their feedback.

Initial visit...
Darren came over at a convenient time for me at 7 am. He came from Port Perry which meant he woke up very early for my convenience. Unlike some companies who tried to sell me the most expensive package, Darren was very honest and explained all the options clearly. A quote was sent within 24 hours after the visit.

2nd visit...
My insulation job was not simple. It required some coordination with a roofing company. Darren came over 2nd time to clarify and explain how everything would tie together. Once again, he came at a convenient time for me at 7 am.

Days leading up to the job...
Darren was able to answer my questions and concerns within a few hours by email and/or phone calls.

On the day of April 13th, 2016...
Darren and his crew showed up on time. There was some slight delay with the roof work which was performed by another company (Not Stevens Insulation's fault!!). Instead of standing around and being useless, Darren and his crew climbed onto the roof to help the roofer. Once the roof was removed, it was discovered the work scope need to increase. At that point, Darren could have totally taken advantage of me and charge me a huge amount knowing that I will never have another chance to redo the insulation. Instead, Darren gave me a very reasonable quote on the spot for the increased work scope. His crew was also very polite and respectful. They explained everything before, during, and after the job.
They also did a very good job cleaning up. I inspected their work. Foam was sprayed over multiple passes, allowing curing in between. Baffles were installed where needed.

Future job...
I will use them again for my attic without hesitation.

- Darren is very very honest throughout the entire process from the initial visit to the very end
- Darren and his men are dependable
- great communication with Darren and his men
- his men did a very good job on a professional and personal level
- 10/10 doesn't even describe how good they are

Update....for the 2nd part of the job over May 9-11th 2016...
The job involved existing insulation removal, spray foaming, and blown-in cellulose in the main attic. The job also includes installing baffles and re-insulating the hatch cover.

The crew showed up on time. The crew put up drop sheets and cardboards to protect my newly renovated home. Darren inspected everything before starting. He communicated with his crew to ensure everything is clear. Once again, the job was well done.

On the day of May 10th, during the spray foam application, one of the crew took a wrong step in the attic and cracked the ceiling.
It can happen as it is dark, hot, with limited space, and poor visibility. Darren stepped up and paid for the ceiling repair.

If I ever have to do insulation again in the future, I will go with Darren. It is rare to find someone that will:
- answer emails/calls on time
- have great communication between customer and his crew
- his crew showing up on time and finishing on time
- his crew having diligence to cover and protect your home
- honest throughout the entire process
- his crew is competent and did the job perfectly
- covering the cost of repair if his crew damages something



The Stevens team were in and out. Whole home remodel, replaced all the exterior insulation with spray foam, love the insulation values and the way it locks everything together. Highly recommend this company.



We recently had waterproofing work done in our basement and we decided it would be the best time to insulate our crawlspace. Our waterproofing contractor recommended Stevens Insulation Services. The crew were in and out without any mess or concern. There was a minor hiccup related to the timing of the follow-up visit to apply the fire-retartant, but overall we were very satisfied with work of this company. We are looking forward to a warmer winter in our family room as a result. We believe a great contractor should be in and out without any great fan-fair - a "non-event". Stevens scored very high in this regard.



Was able to agree with a fair quote from Darren pertaining to old attic insulation removal (squirrels mess) & blow-in of R50 cellulose insulation. Darren spent time explaining to whole process and fully answered my questions. Sam and crew performed a dedicated and professional job from beginning to end and left the site spotless. I highly recommend Stevens Insulation Services.



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